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Glenn Wilkinson

Born in 1990; I am an artist living and working in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I am a self taught artist, but I have a degree in Film and Moving Image Production from The Northern School of Art (formerly Cleveland College of Art and Design).

I am a painter working in a range of paint mediums. Sometimes this means Oil on Linen, sometimes it means Ink, Watercolour and Dry Media on Paper and other times it means incorporating all of these using mixed media techniques which I've developed to combine these very different art materials without sacrificing the conservational integrity of the artwork. 

I make art about whatever is going through my head, this can be serious or silly, imaginative or observational, intense or meditative, but always expressed in a way which allows me to experiment and be playful. I was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 21. My Autism has affected my life and does make it's way into my work, but not in the obvious ways that you may expect.

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