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Once a Wizard, now a Pleb


Written and Illustrated by Glenn Wilkinson in March 2020. Mixed media (mainly Oil Pastel on sketch book paper).

Times Lord. Featuring Peter Cushing

Written and illustrated by Glenn Wilkinson in February 2020. Mixed media (mainly Oil Pastel on sketch book paper).

New, New, New

Written and illustrated by Glenn Wilkinson in January 2020. Mixed media (mainly Oil Pastel on sketch book paper).

Here is a video version of this comic that I made for youtube:

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9 Volt Comic Anthology Entry

The 9 Volt Comic Anthology is an anthology compiled and published by Peter Seckler (Empyrean Vole). It allows any creator from Marshall Lee's Triple A Comic Creator Discord to submit a comic to be published and he will submit every single entry that fulfills the following criteria:

  1. The comic must be at least 8 pages long.

  2. The comic must be based on the theme which has been set for that particular annual ( this issue's theme is pulp stories).

  3. The comic must be PG or PG 13, so nothing that is too edgy to be shown to kids.

  4. The comic must be Black and White or Grey scale.

  5. The comic will be printed in the standard American comic size, so if it doesn't fit that ratio it will need to be resized.

  6. The comic had to be submitted by the 3rd of September 2020.

I decided the opportunity to have a comic printed alongside these other creators and participate in this fantastic community was too good to pass up, so I made my own entry and it was printed in the comic.


Ed's Technically a Donkey, but he doesn't really act like it.

This one can't be read here in full because I'm selling it, but here are some samples:

My entry for this annual involves the reuniting of two twins, who both born with 4 arms and then separated at birth. One of the twins was raised in China and became a talented swordsman (like the type you see in Wuxia films). The other twin was raised in The Old West and has become a talented gunslinger. The story for this entry details them coming face to face with each other, for the first time since being separated, in an old west outlaw town.