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Mutant Water


Written, Directed, Produced and Filmed by Glenn Wilkinson. This was done as part of an experiment where Wilkinson imposed several creative limitations on himself whilst shooting.


These limitations were as follows:

  1. The film will be the length of 2 rolls of Super 8 film and will be shot using only 2 rolls of Super 8 film.

  2. No outtakes are permitted; the film will be shot at a one take ratio.

  3. The film will use in camera editing; it will be shot in the order that it is seen. There will be no editing in post production.

In the digital version of the film those rules were bent however, in the following ways:

  1. After shooting the first few scenes, Wilkinson decided to start shooting the film again, on a different camera with a new roll of film. This was due to concerns about the condition of the original camera. This meant that the first few scenes were filmed twice.

  2. In the digital version of the film, a small amount of post-production editing did occur. The quality of the footage filmed on the broken camera, turned out to be better than expected and Wilkinson could not resist the temptation to use it to replace some of the mistakes that had been made, while re-filmming.

This bending of the rules only occurs in the first 3rd of the film however, the rest of the film follows them completely and, as the rules were self imposed, Wilkinson allowed himself to bend them a bit.

The exhibition version of the film (screened straight from the film rolls) is different to this digital version and follows his original rules more closely.


Cabbage Mutants

This was shot on 16mm film, Super 8 film, a Black Magic digital camera and a hand held point and shoot. It features a few fun effects including:

  • Traditional Rotoscoping in the first scene by tracing on a TV screen, then painting the traced outlines with acrylic paint.

  • Very old expired 16mm film in the first scene.

  • Cross processed Super 8 film.

  • Footage of film tearing in the camera (this was accidental, but we worked it into the final edit).

  • A 2001-esque space effect using inks and curry powder inside a kitchen jug.

This was shot as part of a competition called, "Shorted," which was organised by Northern, Film & Media. It was filmed and edited in half a day, as was required by the rules of the competition.

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