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About the Comic

The global situation with Covid 19 is pretty damn horrendous, but since there's nothing we can do about it, I decided it would be a good excuse to experiment with weird ways of distributing comics.


Quarantine Comics is a project where I mail free comics out to people and then ask them to:

  1. Mail the comic on to someone else when they're finished.

  2. Add some of their own art to the package and mail that on with it.

The idea was to create a situation where each comic could potentially expand into a big package of interesting art that could travel around the world.

1 Front cover page 1.jpg

Who's had the comic?

On this page I'll attempt to keep up to date with what I know about the Comic's journey so far.

Keeping me up to date on the comic's journey is not a requirement for taking part in this project. I have also sent a few out to people who don't know me (so might not wish to take part). These reasons combined mean that I cannot track every single copy, but on this page I will post updates based on the people who have updated me about it or posted about it online.

Jamie D Gibson

Jamie is a good friend of mine from university. After receiving the comic from me in the post, he sent me this photo on Facebook of himself with the comic.

Jamie is a talented writer and maker of amateur sitcoms. Below is a link to a sitcom he wrote, directed and produced called, "Rundown."

Quarantine comics Jamie.jpg

Jessica Salmon

Jess has been a good friend of mine since we were 15. She sent me this photo of herself with the Comic. She also sent the photo below of a print of  her photography work, which she added to the Comic package to mail on.

Jess Quarantine comics.PNG

Jess has awesome Fashion and art photography skills.

Quaratine comics Jess.PNG

She takes photos that are both stylish and surreal. She has a fondness for the mythical and the mystical and you can see this in her fairy tale and Greek myth inspired photography.

Below is a link to her instagram Jessies Whimsical photography.


Tiggy is a relatively new friend of mine, who I've known for about 4 years. She is a bright and happy person to be around and always seems to be singing.

She sent me this photo on Facebook of a piece of art that she made and wrote the following about it:

"Trees are my thing at the moment. They are growth and strength, rebirth and immortality, family, unity and connection. We are apart and isolated, but we are still connected. Our roots reach deep into the same soil, our branches reach high for the same sun. And it's a rainbow, a promise that this storm will pass. We will stand strong, like the tree, our feet firmly planted, and still in the knowledge that sun will shine again. Cheesy, I know, but I'm a hippy who loves symbolism, so there you go." - Tiggy

Quarantine comic Tiggy.jpg

Liam Webster

Liam is another fairly new friend, a warm, friendly and creative guy. He helped me out when I was shooting my short film

(He can be seen playing one of the biblical characters in the second scene)

He has recently started a new Facebook page called Figments and Hogwash, which I have linked here:

He mentioned the Comic I'd sent him on the page and posted some other Comics. The second two pictures are comics that he added to the package, but the first one is just one that he made for the Figments and Hogwash Facebook page.

Originally I had thought that the first page was one that Liam had added to the Comic and the second two were added by a guy named Luke (who Liam had sent it to), but I have been told by Liam that this is not the case. In fact, the second two are the Comic that Liam added to the Comic and Luke's lament is a title he'd given it before posting it on Facebook. He then sent it to a guy named Matt, who is working on something to add to the Comic. The first page is an idea Matt had had for his Comic, but changed his mind, so Liam made it for him and put it on the Facebook page (but it is not part of the comic package). I hope that all makes sense.

Liam and Matt then sent the comic back to me, as they didn't have anyone else to send it to, which meant that I got to read their contributions in person. I then scanned them in to my computer and they are now pictured below.

Rafi and Klee

Rafi and Klee.PNG

I sent one to the Artist Youtubers Rafi and Klee, who opened it in a video on their Vlog channel Rafi and Klee Adventures.

Here is that video (they open it at about 4:11 minutes into the video):

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