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Ed's Technically a Donkey,

But He Doesn't Really Act Like It.

1. Ed Donkey front cover..jpg

Part Autobiographical comic, part stream of consciousness, part surrealism, part psychedelic Jungian journey into the subconscious. This comic digs deep into some darker corners of the brain with it’s disjointed narrative and expressionistic full colour art style (originally drawn in oil pastel). This comic is a 20 page B5 full colour print with a full bleed cover.

Front and back hannd.jpeg
finished prints.jpeg

9 Volt Anthology

The 9 volt anthology has 17 different stories and, unlike Ed the Donkey, it's child friendly. 17 stories by 16 different artists all around the unifying theme of Pulp.

My own contribution is a story about a wuxia style swordfighter from 19th century china who emigrates to the USA during the time of the old west. How will a wuxia swordsman fair in this unforgiving place? Get yourself a copy and find out.

9 volt cover.jpg
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