Automatic Drawing

These drawings were completed using a process called Automatic Drawing. They were drawn on Bristol Board, with a brush pen, copic markers and a gel pen.

Automatic drawing 1

Automatic drawing 2

Automatic drawing 3

Exquisite Corpse collaboration

This is a collaborative piece, which I did with two other artists over Instagram. It is based on a game, which the surrealists used to call The Exquisite Corpse. This is also a popular childhood game. It is usually achieved by folding the paper into 3, but since this was conducted over the internet we all used separate pieces of paper scanned into a computer. I then stuck them together digitally using Indesign.

Artists Involved in the collaboration:

Head By Marco Pinna Pittore

Middle by Glenn Wilkinson

That's me.

Legs by Michael Burton (AKA The Cheap Soap)

Virgin Mary Appears in the pub

Art from October 2019

October 2019 was when I started to take my visual, picture based, art more seriously. Before that I was mainly focused on other mediums, such as film and music. In October 2019 I set myself the challenge of doing a picture a day for the whole of October. It was inspired by the Inktober challenge, but it was a personal challenge, so I did not share the pictures online. I also drew them in Oil Pastel rather than Ink. 


Some of those pictures are below: 

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