2 Metre Canvas roll

This is exactly what the title says it is; an oil painting on a 200cm by 40cm Canvas. It was originally an unstretched roll of canvas, but since then it has been professionally mounted onto a flat board. This gives it strength, longevity and the abilty to be hung easily.

It was painted in a free form doodle-like manner with no thought as to what the finished picture would look like. I would simply unroll some of it onto my kitchen table and then paint it. Then I would unroll some more and paint that. I continued in this manner until the entire thing was painted completely.

As I was unrolling it I would tape the part that I'd unrolled to the wall at the side of my table (leaving the part I was still working on on the table in front of me). This was done to avoid having to roll the painted part back up again and risk damaging it. By the time I'd finished painting it, it had crept right up to the top of my wall next to the ceiling. This seems to be a fairly effective way of painting a long picture in a small kitchen.

After it was completed, I left it hanging from my wall onto my table for a week until it was dry to the touch and then I got it mounted by a proffessional. He was a nice guy, but was keen to stress that I should leave some space around the edges for it to be stretched next time, as he found it difficult to mount it without losing the edges of the canvas. He managed to do a very good job (despite me not leaving any space around the edges) anyway however, and the finished mounted painting looks great (and has nothing missing from the edges). Seeing it completely flat makes it look much better than it did draped down from my kitchen wall.

Below I have cut it up into sections on photoshop to make it easier to display in a wix gallery.

Pipes Pictures

This is a series of two pictures:

  • Pipes 1. (Oil Pastel on paper)

  • Pipes 2: The pipes have landed on their feet and got themselves a bedsit in London. (Oil on Canvas)


The original idea behind these pictures was to play with forms that exist in real life, as if they were abstract forms in a piece of abstract art. When doing the second picture however, I couldn't resist toying with the narrative of the pipes as well as their form, so I put some furniture in the room with them and had them interacting with it.

I was also thinking a lot about socio-economic issues at the time that I was painting these and I think some of those thoughts may have made it into the pictures. I didn't set out to communicate any specific messages however, but I do believe these things can get into your art subsconsciously.

Mixed media depiction of Newburn Town Hall

This piece is an experimental piece using mixed media on paper. The following mediums were used:

  • Fineliner

  • Indian Inks

  • Watercolour

  • Gouache

  • Oil Pastel

  • Collage

  • Candle wax

  • Salt

The piece emerged as a result of combining two ideas:

Idea 1:

I had done a quick messy pen and watercolour wash sketch of the Tyneside village of Newburn (in Northeast England), whilst on a walk a week before I began this piece. The sketch featured Newburn Town Hall quite prominently and was very childlike and colourful. The sketch had some perculiar characteriststics, which were unintentional at the time of doing the sketch, but which I had thought about trying to recreate in a more thought out piece.

Idea 2:

I was inspired by a Youtube video by Artist Kevin Chapman, where he demonstrated some mixed water media techniques inspired by John Piper. This video featured a riverside landscape piece that was pushed to the point of abstraction by an unconventional use of watercolour and ink. I had wanted to experiment with pushing a representational image to the edge of abstraction in a similar way with water based mediums.

Art from October 2020

i participated in Inktober again in 2020. This is a challenge where you must complete a picture every day for the whole of October. This means 31 drawings in 31 days. I used a combination of Alchohol Markers, India inks, Gouache and watercolour in these pictures and I drew everyone of them on a 14cm by 14cm piece of Bristol Board. Here is every single one of my Inktober drawings (including the ones I wasn't happy with)

Automatic Drawing

These drawings were completed using a process called Automatic Drawing. They were drawn on Bristol Board, with a brush pen, copic markers and a gel pen.

Automatic drawing 1
Automatic drawing 2
Automatic drawing 3

Exquisite Corpse collaboration

This is a collaborative piece, which I did with two other artists over Instagram. It is based on a game, which the surrealists used to call The Exquisite Corpse. This is also a popular childhood game. It is usually achieved by folding the paper into 3, but since this was conducted over the internet we all used separate pieces of paper scanned into a computer. I then stuck them together digitally using Indesign.

Artists Involved in the collaboration:

Head By Marco Pinna Pittore

Middle by Glenn Wilkinson

That's me.

Legs by Michael Burton (AKA The Cheap Soap)

Virgin Mary Appears in the pub

Art from October 2019

October 2019 was when I started to take my visual, picture based, art more seriously. Before that I was mainly focused on other mediums, such as film and music. In October 2019 I set myself the challenge of doing a picture a day for the whole of October. It was inspired by the Inktober challenge, but it was a personal challenge, so I did not share the pictures online. I also drew them in Oil Pastel rather than Ink. 


Some of those pictures are below: